About SiteSeeker.org

About SiteSeeker.org

Siteseeker.org is the site you’ve been looking for! This site funnels in people who are looking for sites and informs them of how, where and who to do site selection with. There are a variety of great links you can take a look at. In addition, add your name to the database and begin broadening your network of site seekers.

Siteseekers was created by

Melding the resources of these three dynamic organizations, Siteseekers.org is the single source for finding sites and making site decisions.

CUED (www.cued.org)
The Council for Urban Economic Development, founded in 1967, is the leading full-service economic development membership association. It serves more than 2,300 economic development professionals. CUED provides information to its members who build local economies through tools used to create, attract and retain jobs.

CUED also manages the Association of University-Related Research Parks (AURRP) and the National Association of Installation Developers (NAID).

AURRP (www.aurrp.org)
The Association of University-Related Research Parks is the premier organization supporting research/science parks and technology incubators. If you are involved in technology transfer and commercialization or building economic development in communities through technology, AURRP has valuable benefits and access to a vital network of professionals worldwide.

A non-profit international organization, AURRP represents research, science or technology parks which are designed to promote university-industry relations, foster innovation, and facilitate the transfer of technology from academe to the private sector. Today, the Association serves over 290 members around the world, representing 75% of the research parks in North America and research parks from 31 countries.

NAID (www.naid.org)
The National Association of Installation Developers is the leading public service organization dedicated to the successful conversion and redevelopment of military bases. To promote community vitality and well-being by facilitating locally-driven initiatives for property reuse, NAID provides leadership through advocacy, technical assistance and networking. kasino bonus

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